Three decades in diagnostic imaging and still going strong!

Our Company philosophy has always been quite simple. Provide the customer with the best in quality imaging equipment and back it with the best possible support.

Our experience in the diagnostic imaging realm dates back to 1984. Existing predominately in the medical arena for many years, we now bring the power of our innovation and experience to the veterinary profession.

Miatech Australia is committed to providing our clients with the highest of quality imaging systems.

The best advice. The best solutions. Talk to the professionals and the company that actually cares about their customers.

Our Imaging Partners

  • Sitec Logo Premium quality imaging tables and stands from Sitec Global
  • CPI Canada Logo X-ray generators from CPI Canada. The world’s leading supplier of this technology
  • Varian Medical Systems Logo Premium quality X–ray tubes from Varian Medical Systems
  • Vatech Rayence Logo Vatech Rayence. World leading innovators of Flat Panel Detector technology
  • Equine Digital Imaging Equipment

    Equine Diagnostic Imaging

    View our Equine Digital Diagnostic Imaging Systems

  • Small Animals Digital Imaging Equipment

    Small Animal Diagnostic Imaging

    View our Small Animal Digital Diagnostic Imaging Systems